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 Discover Joe DeFranco & Chris Tutela's Proven Formula To Building A Highly Profitable, Multiple Six-Figure, Results Driven Gym Business -- And Start Building Your Dream Gym Today!


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Dear Frustrated Gym Owner,

We're Joe DeFranco and Chris Tutela. If you don't know who we are, we've spent the last few decades building highyly profitable, results-driven gyms. I am the owner of the world-renowned DeFranco’s Gym and Chris is the owner of Tutela Training Systems in Clark, NJ.  Throughout the years we have both learned the secrets to running massively profitable gyms WITHOUT sacrificing quality for quantity!

Now, we’re ready to reveal the Best of the BEST of our gym growth secrets – in our 90 Day Iron Business Blueprint Course.

Read on to learn how this program can radically transform your gym in the next 90 days.

Imagine if you had the know-how to market your gym so effectively that clients were lining up at your door every month. Imagine if you had a sales process that didn’t make you feel sleazy but brought in a shocking number of new members every month. Imagine if you knew how to get your clients to stay with you long term, ensuring a steady and consistent cash flow far into the future.

This is the kind of business you CAN have – starting RIGHT NOW.

No More:

  • Drowning in the sea of fitness business information that just takes you in circles
  • Feeling like you’re working all day with no time to enjoy life or spend with family
  • Feeling frustrated while less qualified gyms outshine (or outsell) yours
  • Fighting tooth and nail for your very survival, chasing after payments, and scraping by
  • Struggling with retaining clients and providing top-notch service
  • Thinking about shutting down the gym and going back to training (with your tail between your legs)

 When you learn the reliable, turnkey strategies we’ve used to build our own nationally-recognized gyms – and those of countless other gym owners – the only thing you’ll be worrying about is whether you should open more locations!


Meet Your Mentors

Joe D and Chris T


Joe DeFranco stands as a force that has forever reshaped the terrain of fitness.

As a globally recognized strength and conditioning coach, his pioneering vision has revolutionized both the athletic performance and gym industries. He transformed a modest 500-square foot space into one of the most highly-sought-after performance training gyms for athletes from around the world, popularizing garage gyms.

It's safe to say Joe's influence is evident worldwide. The footprint of his work can be felt by top global athletes, gym owners, and fitness professionals throughout the industry, and DeFranco's Gym is widely regarded as an international beacon of excellence.

Presently, Joe channels his wisdom into empowering others, embodying fitness transformation through education and inspiration.


Rising from the ashes of a life entangled in family addiction and personal struggle, Chris Tutela sculpted not just his physique but also his life through discipline, resilience, and an unyielding pursuit of knowledge.

What makes Tutela Training Systems different is the relentless focus on getting clients results. Unlike many gyms who are happy just collecting membership fees, Chris ensures every system in his business is aligned towards true fitness for every member.

As a result, his once-humble gym which had just six clients at one point now proudly hosts over 200 members and annually generates over half a million dollars in revenue.

Today, his mission is crystal clear: to empower other gym owners to create prosperous businesses that truly transform lives, just as fitness transformed his.

Rest Assured...

This Is NOT Like Every Other “Grow Your Gym” Program

We’ve all seen them. The “grow your gym gurus” FLOODING social media with BS tactics that no one in their right mind would try, let alone live their lives by. You already know it: most of these “gurus” don’t care about quality training and programming.

They just want to flood your gym and turn it into another BS “bootcamp”.

The 90 Day Industrial Strength Business Ignition Course is from another planet compared to those programs.

Joe has built his gyms to serve athletes at the highest level, and he has worked with NFL players from all 32 teams, just to name a few.

Chris’ gym has exploded because he actually takes the time to build fitness foundations with his members, training them the right way to build muscle, strength, fitness, and transforming lives.

We Don’t Do ANYTHING Half-Ass.

This 90 Day Program Is On Another Level.


Here’s How The Iron Business Blueprint Works.

Our course is a comprehensive, step-by-step program developed based on our real-world success in the fitness industry. It's designed to guide you through our proven strategies to transform your gym business.

You'll gain exclusive access to our in-depth weekly video modules, live weekly coaching calls, and our done-for-you systems and scripts, all designed to fast-track your success.

Here are the 7 business-transforming components in our course:

Phase 1: Marketing Mastery

We teach you our proven, plug-and-play marketing strategies that will have potential clients knocking at your door consistently.

Phase 2: Sales Success

We provide a tried-and-true sales process that will make you feel 100% confident (and not slimy) when selling new memberships almost as fast as you can get people registered.

Phase 3: Training Triumph

Learn how to deliver world-class training in a group setting that keeps your clients succeeding and referring their friends… While bolstering your profit margins dramatically.

Phase 4: Client Retention

We guide you on how to create an environment that keeps your clients loyal and coming back for more year after year.

Phase 5: Business Expansion

We show you how to get off of the training floor and start managing your business for increased impact and profitability, like the owner you are.

Phase 6: Scalable Systems

Learn tried and true systems to scale your gym into multiple six-figures per year while bringing home a very high percentage of profit.

Phase 7: Market Domination

The only left to do is solidify and lock down your spot as your community’s top gym. We show you exactly how to grab and keep the #1 spot, regardless of where you are now.

Plus, Ongoing Support.

12 Live Weekly Coaching Calls

You’ll get to work directly with Joe D and Chris to implement the system, stay accountable, make sure you’re on track to hit your goals, and get powerful strategy feedback.

Done For You Scripts

You get all of our marketing copy, funnels, strategies, and templates to fill your calendar and your gym with new potential members, as well as our million-dollar sales scripts and systems that work like clockwork without sleazy tactics.

Content Generation System

We have invested years into perfecting the art of organic marketing content. When you join this course you get our complete system that makes it easy – almost effortless – to promote yourself.

Rest Assured. Failure Is Not An Option.

 We’re committed to propelling your business to new heights and helping you surpass every revenue goal you've set – no matter what it takes. So, if you're ready to make it happen, apply below to be considered for our Iron Business Blu printCourse.

Once you've submitted the form then either Chris, Joe, or one of our top coaches will reach out to you via email to schedule a time for your interview.


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P.S. If you are a trainer, and not a gym owner – this program is not for you. If you’re currently making over $20K per month, this program is not for you. If you only offer one on one training, or you do NOT value quality in your gym, then this is definitely not for you.

And if you’re not serious about investing in yourself, then sorry… This course is not for you either. For everyone ELSE – you will get a lot of value out of the application and interview call, and what you learn can help you turn your gym around now, before it’s too late.